Video: Is Sarah Palin actually an idiot?

Jim Treacher at The Daily Caller sure seems to think so. “Sorry everybody,” Treacher writes, “but after watching this astonishing video, I can come to no other conclusion. The evidence is irrefutable. We can’t afford to put somebody this dumb in the White House.” Hate to say it, folks, but I agree with him. Watch the video and I think you will, too (clip includes profanity):

Switching out of tongue-in-cheek mode: “Let me be absolutely clear.” I can imagine the pressures of the presidency and, in light of those pressures, I don’t find even this impressive amalgamation of misspoken remarks too troubling. But the hypocrisy absolutely deserves the treatment it receives here! Reminds me of SE Cupp’s recent interview with Martin Bashir. She was talking about Michele Bachmann, but her comments are applicable to criticisms of Palin, too (and, no, not because they’re both women — Cupp hits on that in the interview with Bashir, too). “If you spend that much time in the public sector in the limelight, whether you’re Joe Biden who can’t spell ‘jobs’ or remember when the television was invented or you’re the president who can’t pronounce ‘Corpsman’ or remember how many states there are, you’re going to sort of misstep here and there,” Cupp said. “Bottom line, Michele Bachmann is a capable leader.” Yep. So is Sarah Palin.