Video: Crossroads on DNC Chairwoman: Nobody likes a Debbie Downer

Gotta love this. American Crossroads, a non-profit political organization founded by Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, released a video that captures the essence of several of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ recent comments.

The best part about this video is that I feel anything but down when I watch it. Strangely enough, even though it reminds me of Wasserman Schultz’ uncalled-for remarks, it actually makes me feel quite cheerful. The music’s just too perky not to bounce along to it a bit.

But I think Michael O’Brien over at The Hill makes a good point — a point that does make me feel a little down.

[The video]’s part of a new offensive by Republicans as of late against Wasserman Schultz; they seem to relish the political traction they get out of some of their more strident language. They like to think she’s the Democratic equivalent of Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman who was prone to gaffes.

Wasserman Schultz is kind of an easy target. Any “aggressive messenger” is. Extreme and shrill is always far easier to spoof than subtle and nuanced. Wasserman Schultz might be way off base — but Republican candidates still have to be able to make the case for Medicare reform and conservative policies that promote the well-being of women (and men!). Of course, some of Wasserman Schultz’ quotes — the Jim Crow comment, for example — don’t even deserve the credence any kind of defensive clarification might lend.

All of that said (sorry for being a Debbie Downer myself!), I mostly just enjoy seeing Wasserman Schultz’ unreasonable remarks receive an “unreasonable” response. Before anyone responds seriously to her less-extreme statements, she should be light-heartedly lampooned for saying things everyone knows — Wasserman Schultz included, I’m sure — are over the line. So, kudos to American Crossroads.