A Poem: My take on Weinergate

As the fallout from the Rep. Anthony Weiner racy photo scandal has continued, I’ve found myself increasingly frustrated at the story.

Don’t get me wrong: I think the alleged improper conduct of a Congressman is relevant to the public he supposedly serves, and, in this case, the increasing evidence of equivocation makes the story all the more comment-worthy. It’s also troubling if his Twitter account really was hacked. But, on some level, I just don’t want to hear any more about a guy I already found annoying.

I know, I know: The story has political implications. If he stepped down or, disgraced, decided not to run for reelection, Republicans could pick up Rep. Weiner’s district. But in the meantime, how many of my brain cells has this story already killed?

So, I wrote a poem and posted it to Facebook. A friend added a couple of lines (indicated below with asterisks). And that gave me the idea to post it here — because you Hot Air commenters have the clever market cornered. So, have at it: Add as many stanzas as you feel moved to write. When we’re all done with it, I think it could be lit-mag material.

The poem:

There is a story that I hate.

It is this thing called “Weinergate.”

We always knew he was a loser.

Why must he dominate my Google newser?

Wouldn’t want to speculate*

But maybe he’s a boozer.*