Explosive device found at George Soros' home

The FBI is investigating the discovery of an explosive device at George Soros’ home in New York. The bomb was discovered yesterday afternoon on the property. Via Patch.com.

An employee of the residence called police after opening a package, finding the suspicious device — and putting it in a wooded area, police said.

The call came in at 3:45 p.m., said Bedford Police Lt. Andrew M Bellantone. The device was detonated safely, according to news reports.

It is a little odd the person moved the device from the doorstep to a wooded area (my first inclination would probably have been to call police and leave) but we don’t know the makeup of the device or what it looked like. It is not uncommon for pipe bombs to be safely moved by people before police were notified, so it’s possible whoever discovered the bomb felt confident enough to move it to a more sparse area.

The FBI is staying quiet on what exactly happened, except for the usual “we’re looking into it” verbiage traditionally issued by law enforcement when they don’t want to say anything.

First things first: I hope whoever did this is caught and prosecuted. I’m very thankful no one was hurt or killed. It is beyond the pale for anyone to decide they want to settle some kind of score (political or personal) with a fist or a bomb or a gun.

But I would also like to caution everyone to not jump to conclusions. The New York Times is already running with the political angle – featuring past comments from Soros on why he decided to get into politics. It’s their wont to angle the story this way, however, I’d like to remind people no potential motive has been revealed by police. It could have been some sort of random actor who decided to target Soros’ home because, “Hey, he’s a famous guy, and I want my name in history” or someone with a personal grudge because of a bad business deal or something.

It could also be because of politics, but I’m not interested in going down the speculation hole (I’m not Brian Ross, after all). I’ve said the same thing about other instances where violence (or attempted violence) has happened. It doesn’t really help anything to immediately point to a potential reason when it could be something else entirely.

I will say this: be better. Treat everyone like a fellow human being (even when they’re your opposition) and don’t resort to violence except in self-defense (i.e. someone is coming at you with a weapon and you need to protect your life or your family’s life). I’m thankful no one was hurt or killed and no property was destroyed.

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