Four dead, including shooter, in attack at Jacksonville Madden tournament

Four people, including the shooter, are dead following an attack at a Flordia Madden ’19 tournament. News4Jax reports Good Luck Have Fun was thrown in chaos when the shots rang out.

Officers are finding people hiding in locked places and people are urged to stay calm and where they are and not come running out.

“We will get to you. Please don’t come running out,” said JSO via Twitter.

Police urged everyone to stay away from the area because it is not safe.

Witnesses said they saw several people being taken out on stretchers.

Randy Wyse, president of the firefighters union, said Engine Company 1 was training in the area and victims began running up to them before they received the emergency call. He said victims ran as far as the CSX building, about a half mile away to get help.

The wounded victims have been taken to Memorial Hospital, where three victims were in stable condition, and UF Health Medical Center, where there has not been any patient information.

A motive appears to be the fact someone lost a match, pulled a gun, and opened fire.

One survivor – who suffered a gunshot wound – tweeted it was the worst day of his life.

The tournament was an official EA Sports event, and a qualifier for the national tournament.

Here’s a link to the law enforcement news conference on what happened.