Latinos for Trump founder doubles down on "taco trucks on every corner" comment

Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez is doubling down on his “horrific” prediction of taco trucks on every corner if Hillary Clinton is elected. Via YouTube.

Gutierrez goes even further down this bizarre rabbit hole by looking at Chinatown and discussing Star Trek.

I have no idea how to react to this except to look at the heavens and ask Odin when Ragnarok is coming (or SMOD). When it comes to Little Mexicos or Chinatowns or Irish parts of various cities, some of these happened because of discrimination and racism (see Chinese Exclusion Act). A Houston Chronicle analysis found the Texas Department of Transportation used highways and railroads in five different cities to segregate blacks, whites, and latinos. It’s the government’s fault people decide to stick around with their own kind, not the fault of the immigrants themselves. There’s a major problem when the power of the state is used to enact artificial barriers (excluding country and state borders) to keep people from doing free trade and getting to know each other.

As for the, “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” comment from Star Trek, there’s no logic in that either. Here’s what The Objective Standard’s Ari Armstrong had to say about the issue.

Far from being an expression of logic, Spock’s claim that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few is an arbitrary assertion and a restatement of the baseless moral theory known as utilitarianism, which asserts that each individual should act to serve the greatest good for the greatest number…

What logic actually dictates is that if human beings want to live and achieve happiness, they must identify and pursue the values that make that goal possible. As Ayn Rand points out, life makes values both possible and necessary. We need to eat—in order to live and prosper. We need to wear protective clothing and find shelter—in order to live and prosper. We need to pursue a productive career to gain goods and services—in order to live and prosper. The principle holds true in more-complex cases as well. We need to build friendships to gain a wide variety of intellectual, psychological, and material benefits—in order to live and prosper. We need to experience great art to see our values in concrete form—in order to live and prosper. The pattern holds for all our values. Logically, the only ultimate reason we need to pursue any value is in order to live and prosper. (See Rand’s essay “The Objectivist Ethics” for her derivation of this principle.)

The people owning taco trucks (or burger trucks or whatever) want to earn a living, and have a product which serves the needs of those who want to eat. Those who want to eat give money to the taco truck owners to get food. If the hungry aren’t interested in tacos they can buy from some other food truck or go to a brick and mortar restaurant or grocery store to get food. This is free markets (and free trade) at its finest! For Gutierrez to suggest something otherwise is just laughable, and shows how Trump and his surrogates aren’t conservative at all (despite their claims otherwise).

I realize a lot of Trump’s appeal is the idea of fear and the unknown. Immigrants from all over are coming into the U.S. (despite our restrictive and unconstitutional immigration laws), and that’s going to push whites into a majority-minority status. But who freaking cares? If America’s culture is supposed to be “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (or property),” then the only way to enforce this isn’t by segregation but by making sure immigrants understand what those words mean. The best way to do that is through the free market, without barriers or tariffs, and conversations. But it should be left up to the individual to decide whether or not he or she wants to interact with others. If an individual doesn’t, that’s his/her choice and it’ll be up to them to cope with the decision. The same thing goes for people who do want to interact with others.

And honestly, who freaking cares if taco trucks are on every corner? They’re yummy. Or to quote the late Rusty Fenton of Dallas-based Rusty Taco (which has AWESOME tacos), “Tacos are the Most Important Meal of the Day.”