Video: Mike Pence hugs son of ALS patient at town hall

This is from a couple days ago, but kudos to Mike Pence for showing the election isn’t all about destroying the other candidate (or making odd comments about what “Second Amendment people” can do). The set up is this: Pence was asked by an eleven-year-old Pennsylvania boy about whether he and Donald Trump would support Right to Try legislation. Pence didn’t exactly let the boy finish his question (but that’s not a bad thing). Via

This reminds me a little bit of John Kasich hugging the University of Georgia student who was going through a real tough time. The Trump campaign should probably capitalize on the video (even if it’s a little grainy) because it shows the human side of the race. It’s good for the feels, and can appeal to some voters out there. Too bad it’s the GOP VP candidate doing this, and not the presidential one, but I’m sure there’d be a lot more skepticism if Trump were the one in the video doing this. Still…good scene.