Donald Trump runs to government for help after Rich Lowry's “balls” comment

Donald Trump is doing his best imitation of the peasants from Monty Python and the Holy Grail after National Review’s Rich Lowry claimed Carly Fiorina “cut [ Trump’s ] balls off with the precision of a surgeon” during last week’s GOP debate. Here’s Lowry’s comments, plus the reaction of Megyn Kelly and Chris Salcedo.

Trump shot back with two tweets, demanding THE GOVERNMENT get involved.

Lowry probably shouldn’t have made the comment because Fox News is a news network which tries to take itself seriously except for shows like Red Eye and Gutfeld. But at the same time it’s ridiculous for Trump to demand the FCC fine Lowry. It’s not even part of their job description because their purview is broadcast TV, not cable. If they did have power over cable TV, then Jon Stewart wouldn’t have been able to do some of his schtick on The Daily Show, including saying the word “balls.”

The problem, and Trump supporters who claim to be conservative should realize this, is that Trump wants unelected bureaucrats to step in and punish Lowry for saying something lowbrow he didn’t agree with. He’s basically saying, “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!” and demanding “justice” from the government. This isn’t the first time Trump has done something like this. He demanded the resignation of National Review’s Jonah Goldberg in April for not being in favor of Trump’s tweeting ability.

And yet Trump is the same guy who claims to hate people being politically correct. He railed against political correctness on The O’Reilly Factor in July, before the great Trump-Fox News War of 2015 broke out, saying the Obama Administration should stop being so politically correct about Islam. He also complained about political correctness in South Carolina just hours before bellyaching at Lowry.

“Maybe they don’t want a straight-talker. Maybe they don’t. But I am so tired of this politically correct crap.”

So which Trump is the real Trump? Is it the Trump who enjoys not being politically correct and doesn’t care what people say? Or is it the Trump who demands the government help when someone is politically incorrect towards him? He’s basically doing his best imitation of the Social Justice Warriors conservatives and libertarians like to lampoon. Trump is being hypocritical here and his supporters are gulping his outrage down like catfish do stink bait.
In all honesty, Trump’s actions are reminiscent of what the Obama Administration did in 2013 with Fox News reporter James Rosen.

Journalists, First Amendment watchdogs and government transparency advocates reacted with outrage Monday to the revelation that the Justice Department had investigated the newsgathering activities of a Fox News reporter as a potential crime in a probe of classified leaks.

Critics said the government’s suggestion that James Rosen, Fox News’s chief Washington correspondent, was a “co-conspirator” for soliciting classified information threatened to criminalize press freedoms protected by the First Amendment…“It is downright chilling,” Fox News executive Michael Clemente said in a statement. “We will unequivocally defend [Rosen’s] right to operate as a member of what up until now has always been a free press.”

Conservatives have to ask themselves if they’re willing to go along with a candidate who wants government intervention into something he doesn’t like. If Trump wants the FCC to fine Lowry for offending him, would President Trump try to coerce the FCC to pull the plug on Comedy Central for airing South Park? Would he do the same to Fox News for not being “in the tank” for Trump like the mainstream media has been “in the tank” for Obama? If he does, then he’s violating freedom of the press which is in the First Amendment. This isn’t saying Trump shouldn’t tweet his anger if he’s offended by what Lowry said or push people to change the channel from Fox News. He’s got every right to do that. But his calls for the government to get involved are just beyond the pale. This isn’t acting like a conservative, it’s acting like someone so sensitive about his image he wants the government to crack down on people who don’t agree with him. If Trump is going to say he’s all “anti-PC,” then he needs to grow up and accept the fact people are going to be “non-PC” with him. If he’s not, then it just shows he’s really not the kind of man he claims to be.