sexual misconduct
Jan 2018

Full retreat.

“What have I done?”

Time’s up?

The Franken strategy.

“He said to me, `Do you really want to continue working?'”

“Mr. Moore has repeatedly attacked Ms. Corfman despite knowing that he sexually abused Ms. Corfman when she was 14 years old.”

“accounts of inappropriate behavior by Steve Chaggaris were brought to our attention…”

“fashion entrepreneur Susie Tompkins Buell, a major donor to Mr. Brock’s suite of groups, gave $500,000…”

Dec 2017

“you have to do a quick hug, then an immediate release…”


“I have already reached out to Clinton Super PACs and they are not paying.”

“He was standing there naked. I think I almost collapsed, actually.”

“The investigation found credible allegations that Smiley had engaged in sexual relationships with multiple subordinates.”

“the woman alleged that Ford engaged in harassment, intimidation, and forcibly grabbed her one evening in Manhattan”

Nov 2017

Louis C.K.: ‘These stories are true’

John Sexton Nov 10, 2017 3:21 PM

“The hardest regret to live with is what you’ve done to hurt someone else.”

“I’m not going to answer to that stuff, because they’re rumors.”

“Fish would approach women from behind and put his hands on their shoulders, sometimes massaging them…”