sexual abuse allegations
Sep 2018

Their lips say no, but their silence says yes

We don’t need any “believe the woman” nonsense around here

Stick to your story

Aug 2018

Though not everyone is thrilled

Jul 2018

“This is the patriarchy and toxic masculinity at its f***ing finest.”

May 2018

Confusion and technicalities

Jan 2018

Or did they?

The RNC Steve Wynn show closes in record time

Jazz Shaw Jan 27, 2018 4:01 PM

That was remarkably quick

Nov 2017

Rubio: Maybe Franken should consider resigning.

“This isn’t political for me. It’s personal.”

Plus: New allegations against Ratner and Russell Simmons.

“Inappropriate behavior.”

Forget slippery slopes. The ride is already in motion


Ryan to Moore: Time to go

Ed Morrissey Nov 14, 2017 12:01 PM

“Number one, these allegations are credible.”

Alabama secretary of state: GOP could remove endorsement of Moore on ballot.

Strange days ahead?

Jul 2015


Jun 2015

UN peacekeeper, you are the father!