natural disaster
Sep 2017

“The San Juan that we knew yesterday is no longer there.”

“Do not be a thrill seeker or risk your life for senseless photos or videos.”

Sep 2016

They came, they saw, they spent some money, they made some money, they left

Aug 2016

Not the kind of sandbagging he’s good at

“that the sole reason to go to Louisiana is for the theatrical piece of politics…”

Apr 2016

Whole lotta shakin’ going on

Feb 2016

Christie: I never hugged Obama

Jazz Shaw Feb 04, 2016 12:01 PM

How’s it going, big guy?

Mar 2014


Feb 2014

“I’ve been at peace with this for a long time. I’m good.”

Jul 2013

Just what the national debt needs: Another “temporary” reprieve on an expensive federal program that actively promotes adverse incentives and …

Jun 2013

…Are you forgetting something?

May 2013

Downsizing, the wrong way.

Jun 2012