Martin Dempsey
Jun 2015

Dempsey: Sanctions relief will mean more cash for Iranian proxies.

Nov 2014

“We’re certainly considering it.”

Oct 2014

Recipe for disaster.

Dempsey: “No, I’m not an optimist.”

Honesty, for a change.

Sep 2014

How to lose a war before it begins

Noah Rothman Sep 21, 2014 3:31 PM

Politics over strategy, every time.

Governed by children.

Can it long stand?

Boots on the ground.

Aug 2014

Conflicting statements.

From “jayvees” to “beyond anything that we’ve seen” in seven months?

Jun 2014

“Could all this have been avoided? Absolutely yes!”

“Our Army’s leaders will not look away from misconduct if it occurred.”

Jul 2013

Syrians use artillery, not air force, against rebels.

Jun 2013
Feb 2013

“The United States military is not and should not be a global 911 service …”