Dec 2018

“At worst, career employees in the State and Justice Departments colluded to scuttle public scrutiny of Clinton…”

Jul 2018


How on Earth did that happen?

Feb 2018

“President Trump lowered the shield of secrecy surrounding such materials on Friday by declassifying the Republican memo…”

Dec 2017
Oct 2017

“The FBI should stop the stonewall and release these new records immediately.”

Aug 2016

FBI’s notes from Hillary interview to be made public?

Ed Morrissey Aug 30, 2016 12:41 PM


Jul 2016

Judicial Watch pushes for Clinton deposition

John Sexton Jul 28, 2016 1:01 PM

Evolving explanation.

Jun 2016

“State Department officials also ‘inadvertently’ labeled some email attachments as irrelevant…”

“Believe it or not.”

For the second time.

May 2016

After several failed attempts to conduct an official conversation on a secured telephone line, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton …

Hey, it could happen to anybody

Apr 2016

“administrative oversight”

Jan 2016

“Inaccurate and incomplete.”

Sep 2015
Aug 2015

Plus: State knew in 2013 about the private server.

Jun 2015
May 2015

State compliance?

Mar 2015

Most transparent administration evah.

Feb 2015
Mar 2014

Another promise tossed in the dust bin of history