Sep 2017

The tool works. It’s just not being used.

Aug 2017


May 2017

All show and no dough

Mar 2017

We can do it because it’s already been done

Jan 2017

Weren’t we supposed to be creating more jobs, not less?

Sep 2016

Costs are up, services are down. Jobs are the big question mark.

ObamaCare leading the way again.

Aug 2016

Happy National Employee Freedom Week!

Jazz Shaw Aug 17, 2016 4:31 PM

Look for… the union label

May 2016

“Salaried” doesn’t mean much these days

Apr 2016

And how precisely will you do this?

Nov 2015

You shall not pass

Aug 2015

…will be hit with “the full force of government machinery”

May 2015
Apr 2015
Jan 2015

Budget buster, too.

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No kidding.

Aug 2013

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Jul 2013

Quotes of the day

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Wegmans cuts health benefits for part-time workers

Erika Johnsen Jul 11, 2013 3:21 PM

Et tu, Wegmans?”

“This is what happens when you ram through a gigantic bill that no one has ever read.”

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There are already too many questions to count swirling around the Obama administration’s sudden decision to delay the law’s clutch …