Dec 2018

Boston Globe to Elizabeth Warren: Don’t run

Allahpundit Dec 06, 2018 9:21 PM

“Running for president is hard. Deciding not to run? That can be even harder.”

Aug 2018

These aren’t the rallies you’re looking for

Jan 2018

“The author who does the smearing is celebrated by all the A-listers.”

Nov 2017

These will all have to go

Aug 2017

“There has been no concerted media effort to pressure Democratic politicians to denounce Democratic muscle.”

“I was concerned about was the overall climate of political incitement.”

Jun 2017

“Was this attack evidence of how vicious American politics has become? Probably.”

May 2017

Interesting timing

Apr 2017

“There is no denying that problematic opinions need to be addressed…”

Nov 2016

“I’m looking at it very closely.”

“The presidential stakes are too high for Mr. Trump to let his family business become a daily political target.”

Oct 2016

“Director Comey’s announcement played right into the political campaign of Donald Trump…”

Aug 2016

“…or turn the nomination over to Mike Pence.”

Jul 2016

“Her fellow Justices need to stage an intervention…”

May 2016

Start the revolution without me.

Apr 2016

Gee.. thanks for the tip

Mar 2016

That’s a crying shame

May 2015

“She achieved her provocative goal in Garland…”

Feb 2014

Endgame: FCC abandons editorial-bias study

Allahpundit Feb 21, 2014 5:21 PM

“Until a new study design is final.”