Dylann Roof
May 2017

Delusional but still not “crazy crazy”

Apr 2017

It’s for the best

Mar 2017

“I’m sorry that this has all happened to such beautiful families.”

Jan 2017

A life sentence? “I’m not sure what good that would do.”

“The hardest thing”

Journal: “I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

Competent, if evil

Dec 2016

Dylann Roof: Is death too good for him?

Jazz Shaw Dec 17, 2016 1:01 PM

Rotting away in a cell is pretty bad too I suppose

A fool for a client

Nov 2016

What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s get this over with

Aug 2016

Dead beast walking

Jul 2016

Does it really matter who executes him?

May 2016

“The nature of the alleged crime and the resulting harm compelled this decision.”

Sep 2015
Jul 2015

Never let a good tragedy go to waste

“This case rips all of our hearts out…”

Jun 2015

The Generalizer in General

Open thread: Sunday morning talking heads

Allahpundit Jun 21, 2015 8:01 AM


Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Jun 19, 2015 8:01 PM


“May God have mercy on you.”

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Jun 18, 2015 10:01 PM


“He said he wanted to start a civil war.”