Terror Tip Leads Canucks To Four Tons of Hash on Pak Sailboat

One to watch, because of the ties to “unnamed terrorist groups“:

A Canadian frigate deployed in the Arabian Sea seized almost four tonnes of hashish from a Pakistani vessel last week after receiving intelligence that the small fishing boat was linked to terrorist activities.

Lt.-Cmdr. Mike Davie of HMCS Charlottetown said Wednesday that about 20 crew members boarded the Al Moula Madad on Feb. 18 following a tip that the traditional sailing vessel was tied to unnamed terrorist groups.

One wonders whether the tip about the terror ties was bona fide. Another possibility is that these guys were plain old dope smugglers whose competitors figured that calling in a tip on them with a terror link would get quicker service. I’d like to hear which was the case, but Canada ain’t talking yet:

Davie, the ship’s executive officer, refused to reveal what terrorist groups the vessel might have been linked to or what kinds of activities they might have been engaged in….

The drug seizure was the largest for the coalition forces to date and the first one since a smaller operation in 2005.

Davie said crews of the fishing boats, known as dhows, have become sophisticated at hiding contraband and are being used increasingly to transport illegal goods.

Obviously it’s more important now to investigate this lead than to inform the press about it, but I’d like to hear more once they know something definite. It does, after all, fit a pattern. Just say no, kids.

Front page photo: Canadian Navy.

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