TSA catches razor blades hidden in religious book

Well, we have to keep you on your toes:

Saturday morning, a Transportation Security Officer working the x-ray machine saw two razor blades in what appeared to be a book in someone’s carry-on bag. During the bag check, the razor blades were found inside the pages of a Bible, and bag belonged to… a priest. Can’t make this stuff up.

It’s interesting, but somehow…not quite as alarming as it could have been. (see, e.g., Exhibit A.)

What is somewhat more alarming: Annie Jacobsen notes the incredible turnover rate of TSA employees in the short life of the agency–and also their intimidating tactics toward whistleblowers. I wonder how that compares to other federal agencies, and I have to wonder what percentage of people are leaving because they’re unhappy and what percentage are being fired…and fired for what?

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