Trendy Socialist-theme Nightclub in Hepatitis A scare

This story is only making headlines because of a celebrity connection, but there’s more. First the mainstream hit:

Earlier this month, Kutcher celebrated his 30th birthday at Socialista, a fancy New York nightclub. A-list celebs flocked to the event. Among those reportedly in attendance: Bruce Willis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and, of course, Kutcher’s wife (Willis’s Ex) Demi Moore.

Today, the New York City Health Department said a bartender at Socialista might have passed hepatitis A to club patrons early this month. The bartender only worked on three nights when he might have been infectious, but one of those nights — Feb. 7 — was the night of Kutcher’s party.

Wait…a club called what? Is that “Social List A”? Why no, it’s a Cubano-commie-themed West Village hot spot where the Che T-shirt crowd can mingle with Obama campaign volunteers and toast La Revolucion with a “Red Star” cocktail.

I hope the celebrities recover (even though they must do so without the miraculous benefits of Cuban Communist health care), and I hope the restaurant doesn’t. It was an ill-considered plan, to say the least. A commenter on this restaurant review couldn’t believe the bad taste of celebrating not Cuban culture, but Cuban communism:

Making a buck off the misery of millions of Cubans trapped amid the Castro dictatorship is not only offensive, it wreaks of callous indifference. Those of us who have suffered jail time as political prisoners on the island will never forgive those who open bars and restaurants meant to celebrate the crimes committed against us, the Cuban people.

So, while your enjoying your Mojitos and Cuba Libres, take a moment to reflect on the thousands of Cuban men, women and children murdered by the Castro regime. This is beyond sick. Its as if the owners view the Cuban people as nothing more than sub-human animals, bred for their enjoyment like some sort of sick circus sideshow. For shame.

I see the project was backed by the Cipriani family, who made their money opening Harry’s Bar in Venice, which became world famous because it opened in a location close enough to Saint Mark’s Square for Ernest Hemingway to stumble into before he fell into a canal. Well, they’ve gone from celebrating the mercantile Venetian Republic to celebrating Castro’s post-colonial dump. What’s next for the Cipriani Corporation after this misguided project closes down: “The Gulag Archipel-a-Go-Go”? “Sis-Boom-Baaa, the Intifada Kebab House”?