Hot Air Primary Survey Results: Post Freedom Summit

Scott Walker has had a pretty good week, and the results of this survey shouldn’t change it. Walker has once again won the first, second and consensus choice survey questions in the Hot Air Primary Survey, increasing his leads in each category. In fact at the end of Tuesday night, Walker had a full 50% of the first choice vote and nearly 85% of the consensus, figures which dipped Wednesday evening as strong Mitt Romney supporters flooded the zone.

First choice top three are Walker, Ted Cruz, and Romney. No one else breaks 5%. You can find last week’s results here.

On the opposite end of the “pretty good week” spectrum is Mike Pence, who finished dead last with a total of 6 votes out of nearly 2500 cast. Between Pence’s support for Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and the creation of a government media outlet in Indiana, it may be hard for primary voters to divine precisely which nomination Pence might be running for. And although he performs better on the “first choice” vote than a number of other candidates, John Kasich may soon suffer a similar Pence-style constituency ceiling as the Ohio governor travels the country pushing Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. As goes Pence, so might also go Kasich; stay tuned.

Results follow. Thanks again for participating.