Hot Air Primary Survey Results: January 2015

With 2735 votes counted, Scott Walker came out on top in this survey in more ways than one: he swept the first choice, second choice, and consensus pick votes. Ted Cruz is a close second, and Mitt Romney came in with a strong third place showing. Other than Ben Carson, no other candidate broke 5%. Rick Perry emerged as a strong second choice behind Walker and Cruz. The consensus choice top 5 belonged to Walker, Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Perry and Carson.



Some notable issue votes are below. Over sixty percent of primary voters are at least somewhat satisfied with the field, approval for the Netanyahu invite is sky high, and only a handful of readers would visit Cuba under present conditions.


On the health care front, not a whole lot of news. Nearly three out of four respondents see Obamacare exchange and expansion support as deal breakers for their primary votes, which creates a very low ceiling for many candidates who supported one or both of these initiatives. That scene gets even bleaker when primary demographics are taken into consideration; the older the voter, the more deal breaker-y the topic tends to become.



Thanks for participating.

Update (Ed): I’ll have more on Walker and Cruz in an upcoming post.

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