Hot Air Survey: Your Election Predictions Results

Over 7000 votes later, who do Hot Air readers think will win the Presidency in 2012? Drum roll please…

Okay, so that wasn’t so surprising. But I found this reader-chosen hierarchy of likely Romney states a little surprising:

Florida leads with 99%; Oregon rounds things out at 8%. For those wondering, the percentage for Pennsylvania, an (accidental) late addition, is calculated against the number of voters (thousands) who had it available as an option.

When will this thing be called? Hot Air readers seem to think that we may be in for a late night…

Will the GOP have a majority in the Senate? Readers were torn.

But readers weren’t torn in thinking that the GOP will gain seats in the House.

And the rest:

Thanks to everyone who participated! Questions? You can reach me on Twitter at @theish.

P.S. A Wordle of your comments:

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