Hot Air survey: Electoral battleground edition

Which states do you think will vote for Obama in 2012, and which states will vote for the Republican? Below I’ve listed fourteen battlegrounds for you to score on a scale from “1” to “7”, with “7” being the most likely to vote Republican. Then I’ll total up the averages and pass along what a Hot Air-predicted electoral map might look like.

Now obviously, much will turn on who the GOP nominates — especially on the state-by-state level — so choose your ratings based on your overall impressions of the state’s politics and the political climate for or against Obama, regardless of the ultimate Republican candidate. Think “generic Republican,” with some of your gut instincts.

After you submit your vote, there are two links on the confirmation page against which you may want to compare your ratings. We’ll try to get this turned around ASAP. As always, only vote once.