John Kasich continues feeding his giant ego on late night

John Kasich continues putting John Kasich above all other interests. While many politicians use their current positions as launching pads onto the next, John Kasich has spent a fair duration of his second term as Ohio’s Governor campaigning for President.


He continued his sanctimonious tour this week on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Claiming he wants to give people hope, Kasich continued feeding his own ego and pontificating for applause from the New York audience.

Much like the Democrats he appears to be courting with his shift to the left, Kasich still can’t seem to accept the fact that Donald Trump is President. He is quite proud of the fact that he didn’t attend the Republican National Convention that he helped lure to Cleveland.

“I didn’t go. It was in my own state!” the twice-failed Presidential candidate told Seth Meyers.

As a Republican who lives in the Cleveland area, I can tell you this is an incredibly sore spot with many of us. Rather than head to the convention, Kasich showed up to outside activities to court delegates from early primary states. His continual mention of this is like rubbing salt in his self-inflicted wound.

Kasich told Seth Meyers he doesn’t believe in calling people names. That’s comical. During a stream of consciousness in front of a large audience, the man called a police officer an idiot for pulling him over. In 2016, an Ohio elected official said to me, “Who is this nice guy running around the country pretending to be John Kasich.”

The braggadocious interview below should be a playbook on how not to court Republican voters.

Kasich’s yes man John Weaver keeps feeding the large ego of the mailman’s son. The former conservative has fallen for the sweet words from this consultant who lines his pockets off of Kasich’s presidential ambitions. When you have a Kasich sized ego, hearing encouraging whispers from people like Weaver is soothing and encouraging.


While discussing DACA, Kasich talked to Meyers about an upcoming trip to New Hampshire. Of course we all know why politicians go to New Hampshire. But what I can’t understand is what party Kasich plans to run with.

Governor Sour Grapes has become so toxic to Republicans in Ohio that his own Lt. Governor has distanced herself from him, as Jazz previously wrote. Ohio was the only state he won and now he is so disliked that no gubernatorial Republican candidate wants his endorsement.

I understand Republicans who don’t support President Trump. I’m not someone who demands complete devotion to any politician. But Kasich’s opposition appears to be more about his own ego rather than opposing the current Administration.

As Americans, we should always want our President to succeed. Does John Kasich?

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David Strom 8:00 PM | April 23, 2024