In a weekend filled with liberal hot takes, Rosie appears most affected

Liberal Twitter has been in a complete meltdown since Friday.

First, they were celebrating the news that Michael Flynn was rolling on Donald Trump.  ABC News reported Trump ordered Flynn to speak to the Russians during the campaign. This sent quite a tingle up their Trump hating legs. But alas, that excitement was premature. As Allahpundit wrote on Friday night, ABC News had to correct the massive error that sent the market into a tailspin, impacting the 401ks of millions of Americans.

By the time the sun rose, there was another issue du jour that pushed them to the edge. By Saturday morning, these Tweeters of the Resistance took up arms against the GOP’s tax plan passed by the Senate. Twitter was peppered with claims that this bill “killed America.” Kurt Eichenwald kicked off this dramatic online party. The contributing editor for Vanity Fair and MSNBC contributor implored millennials to leave the country for their own sakes.

It didn’t take long for Rosie O’Donnell’s rage and tears to hit the keyboard. She went on a tweeting and retweeting tear. Rosie is so over the top in her political reactions, that it’s hard to imagine that she sways any opinions. She’s likely just preaching to her own outraged choir. But, I retain the right to laugh at her nonsense. She is a comedienne after all, or at least she considers herself to be. So, I take pleasure in laughing at her tweets that resembled a two-year-old having a tantrum.

She claims she’s not afraid of President Trump at the same time she is damning Republicans to hell for killing democracy. Um, what?

She was all over the board. It was mood swing central as the former host on The View swung back and forth between fury and sadness. Most of us know to work through these things before voicing them in public. Not, Rosie.

She even felt the need to retweet Bette Midler’s accusations that Republicans are going to be stripping the Social Security checks out of the hands of needy seniors as well. It’s time to scare the old people!

Perhaps my favorite tweet is the one Rosie has pinned. This celebrity who basically blindly supports Bill Clinton amid all of his women issues, as well as his lying and enabling wife Hillary, calls President Trump a rapist and a liar. The irony is rich.

It must be exhausting getting outraged over most everything. As someone who feels the negative effects of Obamacare each time I pay my super expensive health insurance premium that gives me minimal coverage, I understand being upset over legislation. But, I don’t publically go through the Five Stages of Grief multiple times a week over a new political issue.