Berkeley conservative reaches his limit and sues Antifa leader

UC Berkeley isn’t a very welcoming place for conservative students. The “birthplace of the free speech movement” has been ground zero for the attacks on conservative speech on college campuses.

One conservative has had enough and has filed a lawsuit against a leader in the Antifa movement. Berkeley College Republicans’ former president Troy Worden is seeking $100,000 in damages from Yvette Felarca, an organizer for national activist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN).

Worden claims that Felarca filed a “frivolous” restraining order against him which interfered with both his 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. This also made it difficult for the College Republican to walk through campus or attend his classes.

Felarca filed the restraining order for stalking and intimidation against Worden on September 7. It was dismissed on October 26th. That’s a significant amount of time for Worden to be painted with Felarca’s accusations. Worden’s attorney Mark Meuser alleges the Antifa leader, who is also a middle school teacher, made false claims against the college student in order to file the restraining order.

From DailyCal:

Felarca also testified that Worden took a selfie with her Feb. 17 and then “made a grimacing face” after the photo was taken, according to Meuser. Meuser said, however, that his team presented the court with evidence that Worden was working for the University of California at the date and time that Felarca alleged this incident occurred.

Meuser said Felarca also testified that Worden “stared at her” on a few occasions when she was handing out fliers on Sproul Plaza. He alleged that Felarca “made up” the two incidents of harassment and used instances of Worden staring at her in public as reasons for the restraining order.

“You are not entitled to a civil restraining order because somebody stares at you in a public place,” Meuser said. “We beat the temporary restraining order … (and) we are now coming against her for the attorney fees and costs in defending Troy.”

As John previously wrote, the middle school teacher has already run into trouble with the law over her actions. Felarca was arrested earlier this fall for battery and resisting arrest for confronting members of Patriot Prayer. She also was arrested in June 2016 for felony assault and inciting a riot after being caught on film punching a man.

This 47-year-old middle school teacher believes she is entitled to harm the reputations and physically harm people who don’t subscribe to her far left agenda. Just like the name of her group states, she will try to suppress free speech by any means necessary. It’s rather unbelievable that a teacher continues these actions and remains in the classroom.

Now, she is going to have to defend those actions in a lawsuit. Perhaps hitting her in the wallet will be what finally teaches her that her violent and vindictive actions don’t have a place in a free and civil society.

Worden made it clear that he doesn’t feel comfortable or safe on campus because of this targeting of conservative students.  “The No. 1 public university in the world and the so-called ‘birthplace of the free speech movement’ is anything but,” he said. “It is the place where America’s conservative youth are daily under threat of violence, lacking the support of the university administration, police, or city. The Free Speech Movement is dead, and the left has killed it.”

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John Stossel 12:01 AM on June 09, 2023