Chris Matthews claims he was "too tough" on Bill Clinton during Lewinsky era

While the Democrats re-evaluate their defense of Bill Clinton’s treatment of women over the past 25 years, one of his cheerleaders in the media is doubling down on his support.


Chris Matthews claims that he was “too tough on Bill Clinton” during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Matthews apparently still views Clinton as the victim and forgot that the college intern was painted as the aggressor and villain in the situation.

As society holds a magnifying glass over how women are objectified and treated by men in power, it has forced a day of reckoning for Bill Clinton. As Allahpundit previously wrote, NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said that Bubba should have resigned the Presidency over his Oval Office affair with Monica Lewinsky. This has put a target on Gillibrand’s back for Clinton loyalists to take aim at.

Clinton insider Philippe Reines called Gillibrand a “hypocrite” for accepting donations and endorsements from the Clintons only to later turn a critical eye towards Bill. This was the topic that Matthews decided to discuss on the Friday episode of Hardball.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle joined Matthews to discuss the left’s re-evaluation of the 42nd President and Reines’ comments about Gillibrand. She pointed out that Gillibrand wasn’t previously in a position to speak out about Bill Clinton, so Reines’ counterattack on the NY Senator was absurd. He was a powerhouse in the Democratic party when she rose to power. Criticizing him would have brought her sudden defeat.

Matthews attempted to defend Bill Clinton, even claiming the scandal hurt Clinton unfairly. Ruhle fired back, “We called it the Lewinsky scandal, we didn’t call it the Clinton scandal, and we looked at Monica Lewinsky as a villain—come on, Chris, she was a victim.”


Matthews appears to have conveniently forgotten how the White House intern was demonized in the press for earning her “presidential kneepads.” He held fast in his defense as Ruhle goes to bat for Lewinsky.

The segment ended with the Hardball host making his final argument of his Clinton defense. “I’m trying to make up for the fact that I think I was too tough on Clinton,” Matthews said.


Conservatives watched in disgust as journalists like Matthews appeared to be running interference for Bill Clinton in the 1990s and that would not have happened if Bubba had an R behind his name.

Now that Bubba is out of power and will not be the country’s Philandering First Man since Hillary lost, some on the left are finally comfortable with judging him for his mistreatment of women. Chris Matthews apparently feels the need to further sacrifice his own integrity to defend Clinton’s place in history.

Clinton loyalists may continue circling the wagons in an attempt to preserve Bill’s legacy. To accomplish this, they will need journalists like Chris Matthews to provide them cover.

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