Israel killed Iranian general in strike on Hezbollah terrorists in Syria

Israelis live under the constant threat of terrorist attacks. Just overnight, Israel rolled up a six-member cell linked to the Islamic State with the alleged orders to execute strikes against Israeli targets inside the Jewish state’s territory. On Israel’s borders, Hamas to the south and Hezbollah to the north represent a constant terrorist threat. Israel’s ability to defend its borders by executing strikes on terrorist targets is further complicated by the fact that any one of those strikes could ignite an international incident by accidently killing a high-ranking military officer from one of those terror groups’ state sponsors. That scenario may be playing out on Monday after Iran confirmed that Israel killed a Revolutionary Guards Corps general in a recent strike on a Hezbollah convoy in Syria.

A Hezbollah sources recently told AFP reporters that a recent Israeli strike on a three-car convoy resulted in the deaths of “six Iranian soldiers, including commanders.” That news was later confirm, according to The Jerusalem Post:

“Following the Zionist aggressions against the resistance in Syria, General Mohammad Allahdadi, a former commander of the Sarollah Brigade of the Revolutionary Guard, was martyred along with Jihad Mughniyeh and three others in the same car,” the Dana news website said, referring to the son of Hezbollah’s late military leader Imad Mughniyeh.

According to reports in Hezbollah-affiliated media, two Israel Air Force helicopters fired missiles at a target in the Syrian Golan, killing a number of Hezbollah operatives, including Mughniyeh.

Western intelligence sources said Jihad Mughniyeh headed a large-scale terrorist cell that enjoyed direct Iranian sponsorship and a direct link to Hezbollah. The cell had already targeted Israel in the past, launching attacks on the Golan Heights.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, told state media that Israel’s reported attack in the Golan Heights was “an act of terror.”

This news is going to make life harder for President Barack Obama’s administration as he attempts to convince congressional Republicans not to move forward with additional sanctions on Iran amid ongoing nuclear talks. In a joint press conference on Friday alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, Obama pleaded with Congress to “just hold your fire” with regards to new sanctions on Iran, but a bipartisan cast of Senators are not listening to the president.

Over the weekend, the details of a new set of sanctions, sponsored by Sens. Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ), will be introduced that are aimed at providing what Fox News characterized as “additional diplomatic insurance” if nuclear talks with Iran ultimately fail.

Iran’s confirmation that members of their military are actively involved in supporting terrorism on Israel’s border is only likely to confirm for these senators that ignoring Obama was the right course of action.

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