Good news: You can now buy a real version of the killer police drone from Robocop

The good news is that it is “unclear,” according to ABC News, as to whether or not this semi-humanoid robot’s “shooting feature” is functional. The bad news is that it is unclear as to whether this semi-humanoid robot’s shooting feature is functional.

“Standing nearly 13 feet tall and weighing five tons, Kuratas looks like something out of a Hollywood action movie,” ABC News reported on Monday. “While it may have the feel of a tank, the gasoline fueled robot moves at a top speed of 6 miles per hour.”

For just over $1 million, the Amazon Japan consumer can purchase a “starter kit” and become the proud owner of the killer robot, Kuratas.

While this looks like a robot and is evocative of Robocop’s ED 209, the notoriously malfunctioning “self-sufficient law enforcement robot” that had an unfortunate tendency to eliminate the noncompliant regardless of their level of compliance, Kuratas is actually a vehicle.

The user can climb aboard the robot and enter a cockpit. Once strapped in, the pilot can use touch pad and intuitive joystick controls to operate the mech’s arms and legs. Among the “eco-friendly” and “safe” weapons features on this vehicle is a missile array that launches pressurized water bottles. “From time to time, it will hit its target,” the narrator on the handy user video explains.

According to the introduction video, the vehicle’s guns do function. Twin mounted Gatling guns mounted on one of the robot’s arms are reportedly designed to fire up to 6,000 BB pellets per minute, which only sounds harmless to those who have never been shot with a BB. The mech is also equipped with a computerized locking feature that tracks targets on a heads-up display and automatically unleashes a volley of fire whenever the pilot smiles sadistically at the prospect of tearing the individual in the crosshairs to shreds. “You will be able to take out all enemies with a single smile,” the narrator warns.

“While there are reviews left on the Amazon website, it was unclear if anyone has actually purchased the robot,” ABC reported. “A translation of the website listed just one Kuratas in stock and it was unclear if more were expected to be sold.”

This makes sense. $1 million only affords the purchaser with the components required to assemble Kuratas on their own. While it might fulfill the fantasies of millions to own their own killer mechanized robot warrior, it is perhaps less satisfying to have to assemble this massive vehicle first.

But there are probably a few committed buyers who would not balk at having to apply a little elbow grease in order to their own mech. Just think of all the fun you can have warning your neighbors that they have “20 seconds to comply” with your directives. Kuratas truly is a wonder of modern science.

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