Watch this Virginia voting machine refuse to allow a GOP vote

This is the stuff of which conspiracy theories are made. This video posted by an anonymous Virginia voter suggests that he had quite a difficult time supporting the candidate of his choice:

Now, clearly this voting machine has nothing personal against Republicans, per se. The video shows this eager Virginia voter casting his ballot in favor of GOP Senate candidate Ed Gillespie. It does, however, seem to have a problem with 2nd Congressional District candidate Suzanne Patrick.

This might be easily dismissed if it was an isolated incident, but it is not. According to the local outlet WAVY, 11 precincts have reported voting problems associated with electronic irregularities. Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA) has issued a statement on the consistent errors voters have experienced:

We have received numerous, credible reports of poll machine irregularity at voting precincts in Virginia’s Second Congressional District. This is very troubling. It is critical that every voter verifies the final summary page before pushing the “cast ballot” option.

“Every error is going against my campaign and in favor of my challenger,” Rigell added during an 11 a.m. press conference.

Rigell is calling on the Virginia Beach Supervisor of Elections to switch to paper ballots at the 19 precincts where problems have been reported. So far, the elections supervisors office has not responded to calls from 13News Now.

On the WVEC13 Facebook page, voter Dustin Christy Vest wrote, “I was voting at Corporate Landing Middle School & a polling volunteer was on the machine next to me telling other workers that the machine was marking the x in the candidate below the one she was selecting.”

State Senator Jeff McWaters said in an email, “Specifically, some voting machines have incorrectly recorded votes for the opposite candidate than the voter selected. Specifically, votes cast for Scott Rigell have appeared as votes for Suzanne Patrick, his opponent, in the voter summary.”

Celebrities are fond of reminding voters that the public has no voice if they decide not to vote. It seems that, for some, they don’t have a voice even if they do vote.