Powerful: African-American leaders question, shun Democratic monopoly on black vote

This is an incredibly powerful video and one which may have the potential to penetrate past pundits and political communications professionals and directly into the hearts of loyal African-American Democrats.

This video via Rebel Pundit features African-American community activists in Chicago asking the question which terrifies the Democratic Party establishment like no other: What have you done for us lately?

It features Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins, and Harold “Noonie” Ward, all Chicago natives with roots in the community who have at one point served time in prison, observing that the “real oppressors” of the black community are the Democrats they chose to represent them.

These are not polished public speakers reading lines crafted on 17th Street Northwest off of a teleprompter. These are real people, recognizable to those members of this community, demanding accountability from their elected leaders.

“The only thing they’re offering the black community is abortion on demand,” said McKinley, a one-time convict and former GOP nominee to replace Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in Illinois 2nd Congressional District.

“To hell with his minimum wage raise, we don’t have any jobs,” insisted Carter, a West Side activist and former candidate for 24th Ward alderman.

“They only come around when it’s time for elections, or they think they can give you a toy or a turkey or something and everything is good,” scoffed former Disciples gang member-turned-author Ward.

“We are always talking about what the Republicans ain’t done for us or what they will do to hurt us,” local activist Watkins asserted. “My life has been hurt by Democrats.”

What’s more, Rebel Pundit is not a tea party front group. “The blog [founded by former Breitbart News producer Jeremy Segal] is a beacon of truth, showing the unholy alliance of the mainstream media, Republican Party establishment, the liberal Democrat Party, big unions and corrupt ‘not for profits,’” reads the blog’s about page.

When this video and the individuals in it is not dismissed by Democratic partisans, they will be attacked. That, however, will be a tricky prospect for those seeking to delegitimize this organic upsurge of condemnation for the Democratic Party’s record of helping urban minority voter’s advance.

There is no counter argument to refute many of the charges levied against Democrats in this video. As such, the characters of these men and the people who taped them will have to be impugned. That might only reinforce the anti-Democratic recriminations in these men are issuing.

This post’s headline has been amended since its original publication.