Watch Harry Reid say silly things for five glorious minutes

The folks over at Roll Call have compiled a pretty perfect video of Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) greatest hits. And by “greatest hits,” I mean examples of his tenuous grasp on reality and increasingly frequent senior moments.

At just over five minutes, the video is slightly longer than the attention span of the average internet user. Every second is, however, worth it.

The video’s only shortfall is that these greatest hits were comprised entirely of statements Reid made in the Capitol. The Senate Majority Leader has made his share of … impolitic statements, we’ll say, outside of those marbled halls, too.

It was just last week that the press shrugged off Harry Reid’s appeal to racial stereotypes about Asian-Americans when he said that he cannot tell them apart because they share similar last names and that the general perception is that they are smarter than most. Reid apologized and all was forgiven, but this is not his first foot-in-mouth moment.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake compiled a few more of Reid’s hits last week. Blake’s listicle of Reidisms ranges from his baseless charge that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes, to the claim that Obama is an adept politician because he can speak with a “negro dialect,” to calling Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) the upper chamber’s “hottest” member, to suggesting that Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) death was going to benefit Democrats politically.

Georgia’s Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn raised eyebrows last week when she implied that she would not support Reid as majority leader if she was elected in November – an eventuality which would virtually ensure that the Democrats retain control of the Senate. Many were aghast at this claim, but the real controversy should be centered on those who were not.