Sen. Bernie Sanders confronted by constituents: ‘F*** Israel!’

This summer’s war in Gaza has clarified at least one thing: The derangement of those who flail in vain for moral equivalencies between Israel and Hamas.

This conflict has been characterize by Israel’s observance of an absurd number of ceasefires which Hamas has broken, the visible lengths to which Israel goes to avoid civilian deaths – efforts which are matched only by the lengths to which Hamas goes to incur civilian casualties, and the Arab world’s abandonment of Hamas resulting in a virtual civil war between the terrorist group and the Palestinian authority. To ignore the lack of equivalence between Israel and Hamas in this conflict is to bare to an emotional and irrational attachment to the idea that both sides of this Middle East conflict are equally culpable for bloodshed.

Nevertheless, more than a few on the left are eager to profess their attachment to this delusion. Self-identified socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was recently confronted by one group of these gullible fellow travelers at a town hall in his home state (via National Review and BuzzFeed).

After being accused of demonstrating insufficient zeal for the cause by a comrade of apparent good standing, Sanders conceded that Israel had “overreacted” by striking United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees-run schools, which even the U.N. itself has admitted were being used by Hamas militants as missile depots. Even this asinine concession from Sanders was not enough to appease the dogmatists in this audience.

One attendee insisted that the Hamas tunnels into Israel, which video evidence shows were designed so militants could conduct raids on civilian towns, were constructed for “survival purposes.” Another heated town hall guest shouted that Hamas is a “service organization” and that it is “bulls***” to suggest their charter denies that Israel has the right to exist (it does).

“It’s not just terrorist group — it’s a service organization,” This particularly deliberative woman insisted. “It’s a word that means something to people! F*** Israel!”

Well, you can’t argue with that. Literally, you can’t, because it’s not an argument. It’s a tantrum.

And poor Bernie Sanders. He is berated consistently from his left – once more with spirit: from Bernie Sanders’s left – and is reduced at one point to telling his own constituents to “shut up.” When the Vermont senator asked his audience if they had ever heard of the Islamic State, a medieval group of brutes which have made themselves the primary concern of nearly every Middle Eastern government, one of Sanders’s annoyed spectators replied with a perturbed, prolonged, and childlike affirmative. Serious down twinkles.

In the past 24-hours, a Hamas leader has confessed that they ordered the kidnapping and execution of three Israeli teenagers which ignited this latest war and Hamas unilaterally violated another ceasefire negotiated in Cairo. There is no equivalency. There is no comparison. And those who attempt to make one are increasingly reduced to screaming children venting their frustrations in four letter words.