Jesse Ventura: Don't feel sorry for Chris Kyle's widow, I'm the victim here

Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s former governor, won his lawsuit against the late Navy SEAL and American Sniper author Chris Kyle on Tuesday. He claimed he was defamed in that book and, while a jury agreed, the vainglorious former wrestler-turned-politician-turned-conspiracy-buff has not exactly comported himself in a fashion that elicits much sympathy.

After having been awarded nearly $2 million to be paid by the late serviceman’s widow, one might assume that Ventura would simply slip away and enjoy his victory. It seems, however, Ventura’s narcissism prevented him from taking the tasteful approach here.

In an appearance on CBS News’ This Morning on Wednesday, Ventura engaged in an amateurish attempt to manipulate your emotions by simply insisting rather forcefully that you should not feel sorry for the women who lost her husband to an assassin’s bullet who now has to pay millions to a professional self-promoter with a tenuous grasp on reality. Instead, Ventura insisted that he is the victim here.

“Taya Kyle had all her attorney fees paid by insurance,” Ventura noted. “I did not.”

“I’m already damaged,” Ventura said when asked if he had hurt his reputation by seeking restitution even after Kyle’s death. “I can’t go to a SEAL reunion anymore. That was the one place where I always felt safe. I can’t go there anymore without looking over my shoulder now wondering who is going to come after me next.”

After seeking sympathy for the consequences of his own actions, Ventura reassured the audience that he has not emerged from this episode “unscathed.”

Lacking any empathy or courtesy, Ventura was asked what he planned to do with the winnings after noting that they come at the expense of a widow with two children. “Pay my lawyers,” Ventura said. His response was met with a shocked pause. “I didn’t have an insurance company paying the freight for me. I had to pay my own.”

Finally, Ventura promised the CBS hosts that his crusade to further damage his already shoddy reputation would not end here. Asked if he planned any future legal action around this defamation issue, Ventura promised to “visit” HarperCollins – the publisher of American Sniper – presumably to seek further damages over what he alleged and a jury agreed was an unfounded claim.

What a small man.