Watch Jake Tapper embarrass pro-Hamas attorney

Human rights attorney and former Palestinian Liberation Organization legal advisor Diana Buttu was completely disarmed by CNN host Jake Tapper on Thursday, and he didn’t even appear to be trying that hard.

Buttu denied that Hamas has fired rockets into Israel nearly every month since the unilateral pullout of the Gaza Strip in 2005, she insisted that every cease fire between the two sides “has been broken by Israel,” that Hamas’ rockets are “primitive” suggesting that Israel was not justified in responding to them, and that it was “racist” to suggest that Hamas uses human shields.

Let the record show that Hamas is now a race.

She finally admitted that it would be “reprehensible” if Hamas was intentionally using human shields in order to maximize civilian casualties and protect their rocket forces from retaliatory attacks. Fortunately, Buttu asserted, “this isn’t the case.”

Since Buttu admitted that it would be “reprehensible” if Hamas had used civilians as human shields but she is blissfully unaware of such a thing, let’s educate her.

Via The Blaze’s Sharona Schwartz, who compiled a compelling case that the actions Buttu admitted would be “reprehensible” are actually occurring, here is an image the Israel Defense Forces sent out this week featuring Palestinian civilians gathering on the roof of a Hamas operative and likely IDF target.


Don’t believe the IDF? Okay, let’s see what Hamas Spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in Arabic on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV about the use of human shields (translation via MEMRI):

“People are still going to the Kawari family house,” he said, “in order to prevent the Zionist occupation’s warplanes form targeting it.”

Asked specifically about human shields, Zuhri praised the successful tactic. “This attests to the character of our noble, jihad-fighting people, who defend their rights and their homes with their bare chests and their blood,” he later said. “The policy of people confronting the Israeli warplanes with their bare chests in order to protect their homes has proven effective against the occupation.”

“This policy reflects the character of our brave, courageous people. We in Hamas call upon our people to adopt this policy, in order to protect the Palestinian homes.”

Something tells me that Buttu’s tune would change at this point to how justified the Palestinian authorities are to use human shields as one of the few tactics available to them in this asymmetrical conflict, or some other lawyerly nonsense.

Buttu was pretty well undone by Tapper, and you got the impression toward the end of the interview that she knew she had been bested. But, as Hillary Clinton has taught us in the last several weeks, it’s difficult to mount an unqualified defense when you know your client is guilty.