The Ronan Farrow Comedy Hour's pitch-perfect parody of liberal elitism

Progressives hate the fact that Americans have never taken a strong liking to soccer. Why? Who knows.

Maybe it is a symptom of liberalism’s widely shared Europhilia. Maybe it is just another monolithic and yet somehow contrarian viewpoint progressives adopt in order to highlight their status as enlightened thinkers. Regardless, America’s general apathy toward the Beautiful Game has been a source of consternation for generations of liberals.


The crack writing staff over at MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily picked up on this theme on the left and, on Tuesday, broadcast among the more hilarious sketches parodying this phenomenon.

In one of two segments on Tuesday surrounding World Cup mania, Ronan and company tackled the issue of why Americans never jumped on the soccer bandwagon. They stipulated that it was because the rules of the game simply too far outside the American experience for us provincials to fully comprehend.

“Do you think it actually needs to have some more changes in its rules to appeal to Americans?” the host asked his guest. “One of the complaints you hear over and over again is, Americans are confused by the fact that there are so many games that end in ties and the scoring doesn’t happen as quickly.”

“Do you need something with more scoring in the mix?” he asked.

“I just think you need to educate the public a little bit,” his soccer expert guest replied. “A goal is like a touchdown.”

“So, people just need to be educated a little bit more,” Farrow summarized.

What a knee-slapper, right? There isn’t a progressive alive so elitist that they really believe Americans are so dense that they need soccer explained to them in football’s terms, but that’s what makes this parody so spot-on — a grain of truth about the left exaggerated to preposterous proportions.

But the yucks don’t end there, folks. After the break, Farrow & Co. returned for yet another break on soccer. This time, however, they really shot for the rafters (whatever that reference refers to) by taking the liberal elitism theme to its most absurd conclusion.


In this segment, our players mock liberalism’s obsession with regulating other people’s behaviors by questioning the ability of parents to make informed decisions about whether their children should play the dangerous sport of soccer. The guests advocated for wearing head gear in order to limit the number of concussions athletes receive while playing the game.

Farrow did not rule out “legislative solutions” to the problem of soccer players getting concussed on the field.

Lest you think this is all about protecting the kids, as these comic geniuses insisted, MSNBC’s hosts and guests have advocated similar legislative remedies for the issue of concussions suffered by professional football players as well.

So good. I hope Team Farrow’s Emmy submissions make it all the way this year. The entertainment industry needs more of this kind of superb satire.

Keep up the good work, guys. We’ll be watching.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 09, 2023