Mika Brzezinski goes off on Hillary's 'contrived' book, 'tone-deaf' comments

MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski has had it with her fellow Morning Joe guests whitewashing Hillary Clinton’s comments about her family emerging from the White House “dead broke.” While she said that the statement is true, and her family also struggled when they made the transition into public service, she implored her fellow broadcasters to stop angling for an interview with Clinton and comment honestly about how politically “tone-deaf” her statement was.

Along with ceding Republicans the traditional Democratic advantages of a youthful candidate and a vigorous primary process, Joe Scarborough began by observing that Clinton would likely represent the candidate more closely linked to Wall Street than the eventual GOP nominee. “There is a problem,” he said. “A tone-deaf problem.”

“It’s not just a little tone-deaf,” Brzezinski agreed. “I don’t think it gets a pass.”

“Everybody stop,” she demanded. “Everybody stop thinking you’re going to get some sort of interview with her.”

She noted that the Clintons’ expected income from speaking fees was being reported widely in 2001 during the inauguration of George W. Bush. “And for her to do a book and to have a section on this saying we were dead broke and it was hard, let me just tell you, that shows just how contrived the book is,” Brzezinski declared. “That’s a huge mistake.”

Defending the Clintons, MSNBC host Thomas Roberts suggested the former secretary of state may have just been blunting criticism of her family for “living the American dream.”

“No,” Brzezinski interrupted.

Time’s Mark Halperin noted that a Republican with a multimillion dollar annual income with ties to Goldman Sachs who cried poverty in a pre-presidential book “would be eviscerated.”

Not to be outdone, Brzezinski went on to lambaste Democrats pining for a return of the 1990s. “Hey, by the way, Bill Clinton? That’s over,” she said. “He is not running.”