Total Number of ObamaCare Enrollments in Delaware...Four

The Washington Post calls it a “slow start” but I think that’s a little unfair. This actually represents progress for the State of Delaware: the First State’s first enrollee wasn’t reported until October 16. Forward:

More than a month after the launch of Delaware’s health insurance exchange, officials report only four Delawareans enrolled for insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

As of Wednesday, Delaware’s marketplace guide organizations reported four enrollments, 31 enrollment applications completed and 218 accounts created for possible enrollment.

Four community organizations were hired to provide marketplace guides, using a $4 million federal grant.

Well that $4 million was clearly money well spent. And according to a recent estimate from the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 29,000 residents of Delaware are eligible for subsidies via the new insurance exchange with 48,000 potential enrollees in total. At this rate they’ll all be covered by the year…3196.

Meanwhile the news is slightly better in Minnesota with nearly 11,000 enrollees reported as of yesterday, a significant increase from just 3 weeks ago. Minnesota is running it’s own insurance exchange and like many such states has fared slightly better than the federally-run exchange with initial enrollment. However, the picture is far from rosy as the enrollment to date represents only about 1% of the total projected for the first year. Even worse, 84% of the initial enrollment has been in Medicaid so the ultimate viability of the Minnesota exchange is still very much in question.

Then there is the President’s home state of Hawaii, which recently launched a “100 Days of Facts” marketing campaign to promote the benefits of their new exchange.


As far as anyone can tell, the number of people actually signed up so far to receive coverage via the Hawaii Health Connector:  0.

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