Bill Ayers to students: Join me and help drive NATO out of Chicago on May 20

I posted a clip early last week from this same event at the University of Oregon where Bill Ayers talked about the decline of America as a “good thing”. In this latest clip Ayers appeals to the students in attendance to join him in his very next course of action towards achieving this end. I wonder if he got many takers? (Skip ahead to after 2:00 if you just want to hear the headlined bit)

If I have this straight, Bill Ayers is facing off against Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, in an attempt to disrupt an elite meeting of the world’s premier military alliance led by Barack Obama. It’s like the liberal Legion of Doom in a Bizarro World episode. The only obvious thing to root for is that no one gets hurt, and fortunately any talk of “action” from Bill Ayers doesn’t pose quite the same threat as it once did. But just in case Mayor Emanuel seems ready:

The city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications on Monday announced that Chicago is the site of a military training exercise this week involving personnel and at least three helicopters.

But the bland press release from City Hall did nothing to prepare folks for the jarring scene that unfolded Monday evening.

“It was frightening,” Jessica Hill said. “I was definitely alarmed.”

At least three Blackhawk helicopters flying at time in close order formation – at other times separating fairly widely – zoomed around office and residential towers for several hours.

“I was pretty amazed,” Felise Llano said, “because they were definitely military.”

Witnesses described three to four very heavily armed men in each chopper. Several said some of the men appeared to be tethered and were at times literally hanging out of the choppers, and looked ready to jump.

Yeah this is unlikely to end well for the protesters, although the Chicago police are cordoning off so much of the city that Ayers and his mob may not be able to get arrested even if they try. Ultimately this all seems more than a little pathetic. With most of the Bush anti-war left exposed as the hypocrites they are under President Obama, Ayers has been left with no other option but to try to rally the occupy movement in support of this cause. Occupy is mostly drawn from the same crowd so I’m sure they will be game. And if there is any violence next week more likely than not it will be the anarchists from occupy instigating it. But now you know who will be pulling the strings.

Actually my favorite part of this clip comes right at very beginning when Ayers says: “the opposite of moral is not immoral, the opposite of moral is indifference“. This is the underlying liberal belief system in a nutshell isn’t it? There is no objective good or evil, or right or wrong. The only real sin is not to care and so long as you are motivated by this conviction then any action is justifiable. Even bombing buildings, apparently. This is a deeply narcissistic and corrupting world view, and it’s really a shame that Ayers is still considered a respectable figure within some education and academic circles.

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