Video: Bill Ayers awfully confident that America's best days are behind us

While Bill Ayers roots for the demise of America some guy from his old neighborhood is presiding over it in Washington. Coincidence? You be the judge.

This is from an event last week at the University of Oregon where Ayers was speaking on “teaching and organizing for social justice”. Most of his presentation was about as dull as you’d expect, but you can find it here if you are interesting in watching any more of this.

So did Ayers leave out any tired stereotypes of the right? We get it, we’re a bunch of war hungry racists, hell bent on exploiting the world’s resources until the very last gasp of our dying empire. If only we’d accept our inevitable fate in the new world order, and fulfill the hopes of Ayers’ more optimistic friends. That we become like France.

Good lord.

It’s always interesting when leftists here in the U.S. talk about the need for “more democracy”. Because they don’t seem all that interested in democracy when the American people vote their opposition to the socialist agenda; which they consistently do when the dividing lines are made clear. Like in 2010. Don’t get me wrong. They’ve been able to steadily move their agenda forward (ahem) for decades by masking their real intentions under the guise of promoting fairness and equality. But if ever their real vision for America’s future was put to a vote, they would lose, overwhelmingly.

Though imperfect, America has consistently been a force for good in the world, not the evil empire people like Ayers believe us to be. Whether America’s influence on the world stage diminishes in this century is a choice we face, not an inevitability. Will we continue to borrow against our future prosperity at an unsustainable rate? Will we allow runaway growth in entitlement spending to choke off investments critical to our long-term security? Will we allow those sowing cultural division and class envy to succeed in setting us against each other? Ultimately the choice is simple even if the path ahead will be difficult: will we remain exceptional or will we succumb to the designs of those who are busy “re-imagining” a world where there is nothing great about America?

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