Exciting new EPA enforcement method revealed: Single out a few offenders and crucify them

Well it’s not new exactly, just new to the intertubes, but it certainly explains a lot. From the Foundry via Weasel Zippers:

This clip actually originated from Sen. James Inhofe’s office so thankfully the GOP is already on this. A little more background from the Senator’s press release:

Not long after Administrator Armendariz made these comments in 2010, EPA targeted US natural gas producers in Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming.  In all three of these cases, EPA initially made headline-grabbing statements either insinuating or proclaiming outright that the use of hydraulic fracturing by American energy producers was the cause of water contamination, but in each case their comments were premature at best – and despite their most valiant efforts, they have been unable to find any sound scientific evidence to make this link.

Probably the most offensive thing about this clip, aside from the crucifixion analogy, is the implication that the EPA singles out potential offenders to make an example of on a random basis. To be sure, fostering fear through arbitrary, and unduly punitive enforcement actions can be an effective means of ensuring broad compliance. But it’s not exactly in line with the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection under the law.

Expect to hear much more about this.

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