Keith Olbermann demonstrates that when it comes to media hypocrisy, his pedigree is second to no one

An illuminating clip from John Sexton at, demonstrating a striking, if unsurprising, shift in Keith Olbermann’s assessment of the import of dog stories on the presidential race, within the span of just a few weeks. Watch:

This is a dog bites man story if there ever was one. Olbermann’s partisan hackery is legendary and it’s a mystery to me why his back-to-back firings from MSNBC and Current haven’t ended his career as a national pundit. As much of a pompous buffoon as he is, I suppose he performs a useful role. It takes a certain lack of dignity, and self-respect, to pull this sort of thing off with a straight face. But somehow Keith Olbermann never fails to rise to the challenge.

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