The siege at Berkeley: Not over yet

The Berkeley City Council may have backed off its obnoxious letter smearing the Marines, but the story is far from over. Yesterday, the Code Pinkos were back at the Marine recruiting center in Berkeley attempting to shut it down. The San Jose Merc News characterized the obstructionist attempt as “keeping vigil.” Not all of the northern Cali media outlets are apologists for the Berkeley troop-bashers. The Alameda Times Star editorializes:

After a meeting that went into the wee hours, the council voted on the revised resolution. It states that while the council “opposes the recruitment of our young people into this war, we deeply respect and support the men and women in our armed forces.”

That’s a step in the right direction — but a small one. The council stubbornly refused to revoke the parking space in front of the Marine headquarters on Shattuck Avenue and loudspeaker sound permit that it had no business granting to the anti-war group CodePink in the first place.

Ever since, CodePink demonstrators have chained themselves to the recruiting station doors and created a neighborhood nuisance with their extreme behavior.

Would the council have granted the same perks to abortion opponents intent on harassing everyone trying to enter a family planning clinic?

Of course not. This was a clear case of favoritism….

…Once again, we call on the council to revoke CodePink’s parking space in front of the Marine recruiting station and rescind the group’s loudspeaker permit. It is the fair, right thing to do.

Karl at Leaning Straight Up has YouTubed the marathon city council session from last Tuesday. Here’s a taste of one of the jerk city council members, Max Anderson, snorting that Berkeley “has nothing to apologize for” and blaming “right wing bloggers and “right wing talk radio:”

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John Stossel 12:01 AM on June 09, 2023