DREAM Act: "Too close to call"

Here’s a DREAM Act report from Lou Dobbs’ show last night:

The Senate cloture vote will take place sometime this morning. I’m liveblogging over at home base.

Update (AP): What kind of numbers are we talking about here? 2 million people amnestied, potentially:

But even their own think tank disagrees — the Migration Policy Institute has estimated that 360,000 illegals would get amnesty right away, with another 715,000 benefiting in the future, for a total of over 1 million amnestied. Using a different data source, we looked at the same question and estimated that the total number of potential beneficiaries of the amnesty is 2.1 million.

Follow the link and note his point about the fraud potential here, too. Kaus puts it well:

Make-It-Across-the-Border-and-Your-Kids-Get-Green-Cards-Act … sorry, the “DREAM Act”: It appears to be headed for a vote next week. … Mark Krikorian has more. … To reiterate: The problem with this bill is not just that it’s apparently been drafted as a stealth mechanism to allow lots of illegal immigrants to claim they qualify and thereby achieve legal status, although it has. Even were it restricted to its core purpose–compassionate treatment for eager students brought into the country by their parents when they were young–it would inherently create an incentive for further illegal border crossing (namely by telling potential illegals to bring their kids across the border when they are young). … Now that the government is finally (seemingly, at least temporarily) trying to remove the “jobs magnet” for continuing illegal immigration, this is not the time to activate an alternative “kids magnet.”

Update: The one taste of sweetness in this bitter pill is that immigration is one of the few issues that point in the GOP’s favor right now among the public. If the Democrats are stupid enough to pass this, it could give conservatives some much-needed leverage next year.

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