IEA: US will be world's largest oil producer in 2015

In a spot of good news, the IEA has stated that, according to their research and projections the US will take over the top spot as the world’s largest oil producer in 2015:


The United States will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest oil producer in 2015, the International Energy Agency forecasts.

But the IEA’s long-term energy outlook, released Tuesday, predicted the Middle East will retake its position a decade later as the dominant source of global oil supply growth.

The boom in the US has primarily been on state and private land (not Federal) and mostly as a result of hydraulic fracturing:

American energy production is skyrocketing, led by Texas and North Dakota, as oil companies use the techniques of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling to tap oil and natural gas trapped in shale rock.

“Technology and high prices are unlocking new supplies of oil, and of course also gas, that were previously thought to be out of reach,” Maria van der Hoeven, the IEA’s executive director, said Tuesday.

If Federal land were opened to this technique, on might surmise the “boom” would continue.  But everyone pretty well knows this administration is not a friend of our oil industry.  Consequently:

The International Energy Agency, which advises governments on energy issues, said America’s ascendancy as the world’s oil king is coming sooner than expected, and that North America’s need for oil imports will all but disappear by 2035.

But the Middle East, boosted by a surge in Iraqi production, is expected starting in the mid-2020s to take back its role as the world’s oil powerhouse as America’s shale oil output peaks and then starts a decline.

The International Energy Agency forecasts that “sweet spots” in America’s top shale oilfields will run out and that the drilling will move to less productive areas that struggle in cost competition with other nations.

Again, those “sweet spots” are currently found in mostly private and state lands as of this date.  Could there be as much if not more oil in Federal lands or offshore?  Our government has shown absolutely no interest in finding out.
But if the IEA’s projection is true and we can be self-sufficient in 2035, that lessens the power of the oil cartels pretty significantly.  And that’s good new regardless of anything else.




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