Holder: DoJ may still charge Zimmerman

Why?  Well, Attorney General Eric Holder has a promise to keep:

Holder, during an April speech to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, pledged to “take appropriate action” if the agency finds evidence of a potential federal civil rights crime in the Zimmerman case.


So the DoJ is still mulling action against George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin – even though a Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of the charges that had been brought against him.  But Holder, apparently, has a special constituency he answers too and it isn’t the citizens of the United States.  For most of them, the case is closed.  For the Al Sharptons of the world, however, such a case is never closed.  And Holder is their man:

Holder said the agency’s investigation is under way.

“I’m not sure exactly how much longer that will take, but we will get to a point where we are able to make a determination,” he told reporters at an unrelated news conference at the agency’s headquarters.

The probable charges, if any are made, will likely be a charge of depriving Martin of his civil rights.  However, it is going to be seen by many as an arbitrary application of the law, especially given the not-guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial.  Holder certainly knows that this could be an extremely controversial move on is part and seems to be dampening expectations:


However, he has since cautioned that the Justice Department faces a “very high barrier” in pursuing federal criminal charges in such cases.

On Monday, he noted that the courts had already weighed in Zimmerman’s case.

“The case of George Zimmerman — and what happens there — I think a substantial part was resolved in the case that was tried,” Holder said.

Maybe, just maybe, common sense will prevail just this once, and he’ll eventually back away from pursuing  the case against Zimmerman.


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Beege Welborn 4:41 PM on September 28, 2023