We’re Not the Crazy Ones

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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had a good point recently. He elaborated how it isn’t crazy to think that the 2020 election was rigged, given the findings of the Durham Report. The liberal media has moved on from the story; CNN was neck-deep in trying to attack Trump on classified materials at Mar-a-Lago again. But the conclusions that Special Counsel John Durham laid out regarding the origins of the Russian collusion hoax all but shredded whatever credibility was left at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The election interference during the 2016 election was well-documented, and it does question whether we can ever trust this agency again.

I’m not saying anything new, but it’s alarming that half the country has zero problem with our preeminent domestic intelligence and law enforcement agency illegally spying on a presidential candidate simply because they disagree with his politics. The FBI knew that the Steele Dossier, which got this circus going, was loaded with Russian disinformation and were aware that it was a Clinton campaign-funded opposition research project. All of this was left out to secure spy warrants hoping to derail the Trump candidacy. The FBI brass was confident Hillary Clinton would win, so whatever overreach happened during this election cycle could be easily erased. Voters had different plans.

From top Obama officials, the Department of Justice, the media, and even President Obama himself, there was a coordinated effort to keep this witch-hunt alive and protected once the Trump administration was sworn into power. And yet, there are still liberal media members who think this was a nothing burger, citing the past inspector general report from Michael Horowitz, which they say pointed to no bias being exhibited by the FBI during the 2016 cycle, specifically regarding the Clinton email probe. That’s not what the report said; I know nuance and parsing certain terms might have been inconvenient for some:

The conclusion of the Durham Report could have been pieced together from past reports; Horowitz’s was filed five years ago. But the FBI also deep-sixed four other criminal probes into the Clintons before the 2016 election, some involving foreign donations flowing into their infamous non-profit that was more or less used as a favor bank for the wealthy and well-connected. No bias? Disgraced FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the man who was one of the supervisors of the Clinton email probe and signed off on the counterintelligence probe into Russia collusion, including Crossfire Hurricane, which spied on the Trump campaign, all but said the bureau would stop Trump from becoming president. He relayed this message to Lisa Page, a now-former FBI attorney with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The couple’s text message history, which is in the tens of thousands, was unabashedly anti-Trump.

It was the first glimpse into the new, politically motivated, pro-Democratic Party FBI. Before he was fired, Strzok tried to say these messages conveyed his patriotism. At the time, he had been demoted to the human resources department, a blow for a man considered a top counterintelligence official at the FBI. He was also briefly part of the investigation when Special Counsel Robert Mueller took over the FBI probe but was removed once the extramarital affair was revealed. Page, on her part, said the text messages meant precisely what was written: they hated Trump.

Since then, the FBI has harassed pro-life activists, threatened the computer repair shop that obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop, the source of the real 2020 October surprise that the media intentionally buried to help Joe win the election, and dragged their feet on any investigation involving Joe’s crackhead son. They have all the documents alleging shady deals with the Chinese. Tony Bobulinski, a former associate, turned over all those materials three years ago. And now, on a related note, the IRS has axed the investigative team looking into the Biden family’s tax issues. Three FBI whistleblowers testified before a House subcommittee on retaliation at the bureau against those who don’t toe the line, which was met with fierce opposition from Democrats on the committee.

We all know what’s up, folks. We’re not the crazy ones. They all tried to pull off an attempted coup and thought the evidence would be hurled into a black hole under Clinton. They broke the law, but the most distasteful aspect of this whole charade being exposed is that no one will go to jail. Besides securing the border and deporting the hordes of illegal aliens that have infiltrated the country under Biden, the next Republican president must promise to clean house at the FBI/DOJ: no more holdovers, no more deference to these Democratic Party operatives. Fire them and start anew.

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David Strom 10:00 AM | April 17, 2024