Who Is Worse Regarding Their Wanton Corruption—The Clintons or the Bidens?

Chip Somodevilla/Pool Photo via AP

I hate to play the gender card here, but maybe we paid more attention to the nefarious deeds of the Clinton Foundation because Hillary is a cold-hearted bitch. Joe Biden is the affable grandpa who has been exposed for doing virtually the same thing as the Clinton clan, albeit he’s more than a brain cell shy of the intelligence that Bill and Hillary exhibit.

Whether you like them or not, Bill and Hillary are cunning. They’ve calculated their whole careers. Hillary lacks political skills like Bill; her personality is what sinks her with voters. Joe won because of a pandemic and because Democratic voters, sick of Trump, had no choice but to back him. No one wants this old man to run again, but the latest tranche of documents outlining yet another corrupt access deal could be worthy of impeachment.

Spencer Brown wrote about this week’s latest revelations at Townhall, with a new country funneling money into Biden-linked shell companies. It’s quite the scheme, one we saw with Chinese officials as explained by Tony Bobulinski in October of 2020—and with the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. The FBI cannot play dumb here. Bobulinski turned over all documents and devices about Biden’s attempted deal with the Chinese to the FBI. The Hunter Biden laptop is the motherlode of incriminating evidence from the president’s cracked-out son. There is more evidence of malfeasance and corruption with the Biden clan than anything the Trump family has been accused of for the past six years.

Yet, is it worse than the activities of the Clinton family, who used their foundation as a de facto slush fund for the wealthy and well-connected? The now-defunct Clinton Foundation was a favor bank from which anyone could cut a lavish check, donate it, and wait for some positive socioeconomic event to befall the benefactor. For all the nonsensical talk about Trump being a Russian agent, the shoddy basis for that allegation constructed by liberals would have the former president sharing a cell with Bill Clinton, who a Russian bank paid $500,000 to deliver a speech in Moscow. That bank had ties to Rosatom, a Russian state-owned nuclear energy company. It sold Uranium One futures because it acquired a Canadian company with mining stakes in the United States. The former chairman of Uranium One also cut mega checks to the Clinton Foundation. When Rosatom took over the company, the Russians suddenly had control of one-fifth of our uranium production. Since this sale included a national security question, the Committee on Foreign Investment had to approve the deal. The principal actor in this body was the State Department under Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s 180-degree turn on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement came swiftly once Canadian financier Frank Giustra poured millions into the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Guistra owned an energy company that operated in Colombia. This agreement would benefit him. He gave so much money that it got him a board seat on the foundation.

In 2011, the United Arab Emirates wanted a pre-screening center for its travelers. Bill was paid $500,000 to deliver a 20-minute speech on climate change. By December 2012, there was another $500,000 check for a speech about tourism in Abu Dhabi. Not long after that second speech, the US and the UAE agreed on a pre-screen facility for Etihad Airways.

And now, the Biden family’s Romanian roll-out:

Five weeks after Romania’s president visited Washington and met with then-Vice President Biden, an entity called Bladon Enterprises Limited — reportedly Gabriel Popoviciu’s Cypriot company used to do business in Romania — started depositing funds, eventually totaling more than $3 million, into the Robinson Walker, LLC account — one of at least 15 companies created by Biden associates after Joe Biden became vice president.

After the transfers from Bladon to Robinson Walker, bank accounts owned by members of Biden’s family “received approximately $1.038 million from the Robinson Walker, LLC account…while Joe Biden was Vice President.” Those family members include Hunter Biden, Hallie Biden, and a still-unknown Biden bank account.

The House Oversight Committee’s memo points to a previous NBC News report that explained “Hunter Biden’s work for Popoviciu in 2016 went unreported at the time, but Joe Biden’s involvement in Romania was very much public.”


With millions of dollars making their way from foreign entities to Biden associates and apparently into Biden family accounts, the Oversight Committee added “it is not credible” that then-Vice President Biden “did not know that multiple Biden family members were committing a significant amount of their time toward and receiving millions of dollars from foreign companies in China and elsewhere,” that “wealthy and politically connected Chinese nations…approached the Biden family to do legitimate work because of those family members’ expertise,” or that “the same Chinese nationals, whose agent was arrested and convicted in the United States for bribery of foreign leaders, money laundering, and fraud, did not intend the same corrupt objectives with the Bidens and their companies.”

And, of course, they keep these things hidden; the Clinton Foundation didn’t disclose some 1,000 donors.

If this isn’t grounds for impeachment, I’m all ears, but given the standard Democrats put forth under Trump—it’s time to have that vote in the House, optics be damned. If there is one thing that Republicans fail to grasp, it’s how to use institutional power to crush your enemies once you’ve acquired it. The Democrats do it. We must have the same courage to do what is necessary when in charge.

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