Tucker's guest to Trump: 'Way more people have protested than were at your Nazi inaguration'

Fireworks abound during Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News Monday night when he invited Sunsara Taylor, an organizer with Refuse Fascism, to discuss the organization’s manifesto. Refuse doesn’t mince words, describing the Trump administration as illegitimate and having roots in misogyny, white supremacy, and warmongering. Oh, and they hate women and deny science. For the good of humanity, we must all resist this fascist regime that has control of nuclear weapons.

Taylor went right into it with Tucker who initially asked if this is a fascist administration, how could it be that she could be on his show, alluding to the government’s oppressive culture. She also said that the resistance needs to grow, the protests need to be sustained and incessant, and even offered a message to the president since she knows he sometimes watches Fox News. “President Chump [sic], if you’re watching, way more people have protested than were at your Nazi inauguration.” She later said, “Donald Trump is a fascist out of Hitler’s playbook.” She also said Americans need to rise up, stay in the streets, and refuse to accept a fascist America. This is the embodiment of the liberal tantrums that have erupted across the country over Donald Trump’s upset win over Hillary Clinton. The site Refuse Fascism is loaded with inaccurate facts and errors. For starters, one of their stories to show how the Trump administration is a danger is the Associated Press story that alleges 100,000 National Guardsmen are bound to round up illegal immigrants. The problem is that the draft memo has no mention of that figure, nor does it say they’ll be used in that capacity for immigration enforcement. They also said that the Electoral College has “a legacy of slavery, and used to embed inequality in voting rights since.” That’s not true either. It’s really a gem of a site if you want to gain insight into how the progressive left has just gone indiscriminately insane. Moreover, these antics are starting to push moderates to Trump and entrench the support of Trump voters from 2016 who may have been reluctant to vote for the man. Not anymore.