Chuck Todd: Let's face it–Trump is blowing this opportunity the FBI gave him to attack Clinton

FBI Director James Comey infuriated conservatives with his decision not to bring charges against Hillary Clinton concerning the allegation that she mishandled classified information regarding her email use. At the same time, he noted that she and her team were “extremely careless” in safeguarding sensitive materials, and that the security culture at the State Department is appallingly lax. So, the bad news is that there was no Clinton indictment. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made the final call last night. Yet, Comey did most of the work regarding formatting an attack ad for Republicans. Still, Donald Trump has yet to push out an ad with key—and damning excerpts—from Comey’s briefing that shows Clinton is a liar. This is an ICBM strike in his “crooked Hillary” offensive and he’s not pouncing on the opportunity.

The lack of ads is something that MSNBC’s Chuck Todd said any other presidential candidate running against her would already have on the air. Moreover, he added that there may not have been an actual indictment, but Comey did indict her on her judgment and her ability to keep a tight lid on state secrets. That seems like a key qualification to be president. And it’s something that Trump has said on the stump, which is that the former first lady is unqualified to be president due to her poor judgment. What’s the hold up?

“I’m sort of stunned at how badly Donald Trump botching, what is to me, a gift…I don’t get the strategy of attacking Comey here either. Comey is not the person you should be attacking here politically. Comey you should be embracing if you’re the Republicans. Comey’s the one who you should be quoting. Comey’s the one you should be–by the way, do you know what every other presidential candidate were running against Hillary Clinton right now would already have on the air—excerpts of Comey…he indicted her politically. He indicted her judgment. He indicted her in some ways her qualifications to hold national security secrets. He said there’s no legal standard–and that’s fine, but he gave her a political indictment that under any other circumstances we would say this candidacy would be in big trouble. But because of Donald Trump –it’s like yeah maybe she can weather the storm.

Townhall’s Leigh Wolf made such a clip with the key excerpts. Watch below:

Jazz Shaw Jul 06, 2022 9:01 AM ET